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1. Hours of Operation

1.1.  ONGC Facilities shall be open on the days and during the hours which Club Operator may establish. Portions of the Club Facilities may be closed for scheduled maintenance and repairs and Club Operator may restrict or reserve the use of the Club Facilities from time to time. The Pub at ONGC will operate according to posted hours. These hours may change due to weather and time of year. Manager on duty will make all final decisions.

2.  Food and Beverage Services

2.1. Alcoholic beverages will be sold, served and permitted to be consumed on the Club premises only as permitted by Massachusetts law. ONGC, or designee, shall, in its sole discretion, refuse service to any person who appears to be intoxicated. ONGC or designee will not sell or serve any alcoholic beverage on the Club premises for off-premises consumption.

2.2.  No person shall bring alcoholic beverage on ONGC premises except those which have been purchased on ONGC premises.

2.3.  All Members and guest must follow the direction of the GM , Restaurant manager or designee while in The Pub.

2.4.   Violation of any rule regarding the purchase or consumption of alcoholic, by either a Member or guest, may result in disciplinary action.

3. Conduct in Clubhouse and Pub

3.1. All Members and guests are expected to comply with these Club Rules and all other policies established by ONGC. All Members are responsible for the conduct of his or her guests while on the Club premises. Any Member or guest who, in the reasonable determination of ONGC or designee, is not in compliance, or whose conduct is disruptive, abusive or otherwise inconsistent with the standard of conduct expected from Members, may be asked to  leave the Club premises immediately.

4.  Advertisements and Solicitations

4.1. No person shall post or circulate commercial advertisements on the Club premises or using the Club Membership roster without the prior approval of ONGC.

4.2. No person shall originate, solicit, circulate, or post petitions within the Clubhouse or on any other Club Facilities without the prior approval of ONGC.

4.3. The roster of list of Club Members shall not be used for any purpose other than official Club business, nor given to anyone who is not a Member or an employee of ONGC for any reason whatsoever.

5. Club Personnel and Operations

5.1. No person other than GM  or designees shall supervise, give direction to, or reprimand Club employees. Verbal or physical abuse or harassment of employees will not be tolerated. Any employee not rendering courteous service should be reported to a supervisor immediately.

5.2. To facilitate the proper management of the Club Facilities, all complaints, criticisms or suggestions of any kind relating to any Club operations or personnel should be in writing, signed, and addressed and delivered to the GM or BOG of ONGC.

6.  Club Property

6.1. No person shall remove any Club property or furniture from the Club premises or the area in which it belongs without permission of Club Operator.

7.  Smoking

7.1.   Smoking will not be permitted in any food service area. These areas include, but are not limited to, patio areas at the Clubhouse during food service operation hours. Please use designated smoking areas.

8. Weapons

8.1. No firearms or other weapons of any kind are permitted on the Club premises at any time.

9.  Non-Discrimination Policy Club

9.1.  Employees or Members shall not discriminate against any individual because of the individual’s race, religion, creed, color, sex, national origin, age, physical disability, or marital status/partnership.  

10. Hours of Play

10.1. The hours of play shall be posted in the golf shop. The golf course and practice areas may be closed for general weekly maintenance on such day and during such times as ONGC may determine. The Golf Professional and Course Superintendent shall determine when the golf course is fit for play.

11. Tournaments

11.1. Director of Golf may from time-to-time sponsor golf activities and tournaments for Members, authorized users, and guests. Notices of such activities will be posted in the golf shop or otherwise communicated to those eligible to participate. The course may be closed to regular play during the hours of such activities. Closing dates and times will be announced in advance.

12. Tee Times

12.1. GM and Director of Golf shall determine and may change, in its discretion, the number of days in advance that each category of Members and nonmembers may reserve tee times, consistent with the priority assigned to each category of Membership under the Membership Policies. Presently, Full, Active and Weekday may reserve tee times up to 14 days in advance of the day of play. Nonmembers may reserve tee times up to 3 days in advance of the day of play.

12.2.  All players must have a tee time reserved through the golf shop and all players’ names are required for tee time reservations. In an effort to allocate tee times fairly, the golf shop staff shall assign tee times on the basis of availability.  

12.3. Tee times may be reserved in person or by phone during golf shop hours.

12.4. Tee time changes must be approved by the golf shop.

12.5. Any person with a reserved tee time should notify the golf shop of any cancellation as soon as possible. Players who fail to cancel their tee time at least one hour prior to the reserved time may be charged a fee for the unused time.

12.6. Twosomes may play at the discretion of the golf staff. Twosomes should not expect to play through foursomes and should not exert any pressure on the groups ahead of them on the golf course.  Twosomes and singes will be grouped with other players, if available, with starting times to be determined at the golf shop, if necessary.

12.7.  Groups of five or more players shall not be allowed on the golf course at any time unless approved by the GM or the Director of Golf

13. Registration

13.1. All players must check in and register in the golf shop before beginning play. All Members are responsible for their guests.

13.2. Failure to check in and register at least 10 minutes prior to a reserved tee time may result in re-assignment or cancellation of the tee time, at the discretion of the Director of Golf.

14. Golf Attire

14.1. Appropriate golf attire is required for all payers on the golf course and practice area, as follows:  Appropriate attire for gentlemen and boys includes slacks/pants or golf shorts, and collared, turtleneck/mock turtleneck golf shirts or sweaters.  No denim, T-shirts, tennis shorts, tank tops or other athletic shorts are permitted.

14.2. Appropriate attire for ladies and girls includes slacks/pants, golf shorts, skorts (must be no more than 4” above the knee), and golf skirts. Tops include collared, sleeveless tops with a collar, v-necks and other styles sold as golf attire. No denim, T-shirts, tennis shorts, or tank tops are permitted. BOG and Director of Golf have the right to determine appropriate attire.

14.3. All golfers shall wear golf shoes with spikes on the golf course; metal spikes are prohibited.  Large rubber spikes and field shoes are not permitted.

14.4. This dress code is mandatory for all players. Improperly dressed golfers may be required to change before playing.

15. Guest Privileges

15.1. As the Club has become more popular, and our various Membership categories have filled, we find Members more desirous to share our great course.  However, because we have limited availability, especially during private Fridays, weekends and holidays, the increase in guests can impact other Members.  In order to provide all Members with fair and equitable access to the course, during the private periods, it has become necessary to limit guest access.  These limitations are relatively minimal and similar to those used by most other Private Courses surveyed.  Unless otherwise expressly indicated, these rules apply only to Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

15.2.  Guests of Members may be extended guest privileges subject to payment of applicable guest fees and charges and compliance with the rules and regulations established by the Club. Guest privileges may be denied, withdrawn or revoked at any time for reasons considered sufficient by the GM, at his/her sole discretion.

15.3.  Although it is the intention of the Club to accommodate guests without inconvenience to the Members, the Club reserves the right to limit the number of guests that accompany a Member on any given day or other period of time (including public play periods), including the temporary prohibition of all guests.

15.4. Sponsoring Members must register their guests with the pro shop prior to play.

15.5. A guest shall have the opportunity to pay for his or her own charges at the Club, the Guests greens and cart fees must be paid, in full, before teeing off. Sponsoring Members assume all responsibility for any unpaid charges made by their guests, including in the Pub or on the course.

15.6. A Member may bring up to three (3) guests per day. Under special circumstances, the GM may, at their sole discretion, allow a Member to host a larger number of guests.

15.7.  An individual may only play as a guest five (5) times in a season and may only be the guest of any particular Member twice in any month. The GM, at their sole discretion, may allow a guest to play additional rounds, under special circumstances.

15.8. The limitation found in Section 6 shall not apply to club sanctioned “Member-guest” events.

16. Discontinued Play Policy

16.1. As a result of weather, natural disaster, or other emergency a player’s round is cut short earlier than completing 5 holes will receive an 18-hole credit. If the player has completed at least 5 but less than 14 holes, he or she will receive a 9-hole credit. If the player has completed fewer than 4 during a 9-hole round they will be given a 9-hole credit. It will be the sole responsibility of the player to apply for credit from the golf shop.

17. Lessons

17.1.  Lesson’s by unauthorized professionals are prohibited on the golf course and the practice area.

18. Practice Area

18.1. Practice area is for Members and Teaching Professionals only.

18.2. Member is responsible for maintaining the practice area after use.

18.3. ONGC Instructors have first use of practice area.

18.4. Members must stay aware of errant golf shots and allow golf play the right away.

19. Local Rules of Play

19.1. The Rules of Golf as adopted by the USGA together with the Rules of Etiquette as adopted by the USGA shall be the rules of the Club, except when modified by local rules or by any of the rules herein.

19.2.  “Cutting-in” is not permitted at any time. Pro-shop or designated person will handle all play making the turn after 9 holes.

19.3. Practice is not allowed on the golf course. The practice area and the practice putting green should be used for all practice.

19.4. Speed of play will be strictly enforced. If a player or group fails to keep its place on the course and falls behind the preceding group by more than one hole, the player or group must allow the following group to play through. The same must be done when a member of a group stops to search for a lost ball. No more than three minutes should be used to search for lost balls. If a player is repeatedly warned for slow play, Director of Golf or its designees may take such action as it deems appropriate, including without limitation, restricting the person’s use of the golf course during certain times of the day.

19.5. All players who stop for any reason after playing nine holes must occupy the next tee before the following group arrives at the next tee or they shall lose their position on the golf course and must get permission from the starter to resume play.

19.6. Each player must have his or her own golf bag and set of golf clubs; sharing of clubs is not permitted.

19.7. All players shall enter and leave bunkers at the nearest level point to the green and smooth sand over with a rake upon leaving.

19.8. Players shall repair all ball marks on the green.

19.9. Players shall repair all divots and not cause excessive damage to the course during practice swings.

19.10. No person shall remove golf balls from water hazards or rough without prior authorization from the golf professional except that a player may, during the course of play, retrieve or play a golf ball which that player has just hit.

19.11. Golf play may begin only from the first tee, except during tournaments and special events, or as directed by the golf shop staff.

19.12. If lightning is in the area, all play shall cease. Play will not resume until Golf Staff decides.

19.13. Proper golf etiquette shall be observed at all times.

19.14. No beverage coolers or outside alcohol are permitted on the course unless provided by ONGC.

19.15. No ball shall be played from the green - or the collar within six (6) feet of the green - on another hole.  Local rules REQUIRE a free drop, without penalty, to the nearest point, no closer to the hole but outside the prohibited area.

20. Golf Course Etiquette

20.1. Players should anticipate the club or clubs they may need and be ready to play when it is their turn. If delayed in making a shot, indicate to another player to proceed, which should not be deemed playing out of turn except during tournament play. During tournament play a player must ask to play first.

20.2. The time required to “hole out” on and around the green is a chief cause of slow play. Study and clear the line of your putt while others are doing the same. Be ready to putt when it is your turn.

20.3. While being sociable, please be aware of proper pace of play.

20.4. When approaching a green, park your golf cart on the cart path on the best direct line to the next tee. This can save significant time. Never leave the golf cart in front of the green.

20.5. Carefully rake bunkers after use.

20.6. When play of a hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay. Do the scoring for the completed hole while others in your group are playing from the next tee.

20.7. If you are not holding your place on the course, allow the players behind to play through. Do the same if you stop to search for a lost ball.

20.8. The player assistance personnel will report slow play and all breaches of golf etiquette to the golf shop staff who will take appropriate action.

20.9. All Members will be courteous and helpful to all public play.

21. Repair of Grounds

21.1. The Members of ONGC should take pride in the conditions of the Course.  In an attempt to further the club’s goal of maintaining top conditions, under a limited budget… and significant play, Members will be required to assist in these efforts.  Each Member is encouraged to volunteer at least one of the Club’s maintenance events.  These include the Opening Day Clean-up, divot repair days, raking after aeration and club end of season event.  Each Member shall adhere to the following:

21.1.1. Members shall follow the “fix two rule” in which they fill both their own divot and one nearby.

21.1.2.  Members will repair all ball marks left on the green by their own approach shot and any additional ball marks within two feet of their own.

21.1.3.  Members shall avoid playing multiple shots into greens as a means of practice, all practice should be limited to the practice area.

21.1.4. Remember to fix divots from practice swings, as well as your regulation stroke – especially on the tees.

22. Music on the Course

22.1. Over the last few years, it has become more commonplace for Members to play music on the course during a round.  The combination of a hand-held smart phone and quality blue-tooth audio speaker can provide hours of varied listening choices.  The Club recognizes that many Members find this to be a very enjoyable addition to their on-course experience.  However, some Members find the broadcasting of this music to be a violation of traditional golf etiquette.  The USGA has weighed in (to a limited extent) and allowed music in a competitive round, subject to local rules. Under Rule 4.3a.4 background music is allowable if it is not used to either eliminate distractions or help with swing tempo.  There are numerous interpretations offered to understand this rule, but like many of the laws of our game, there is an important element of self-enforcement. Fundamentally, to comply with this rule, the music must be from a random independent source like a third-party station.  Playlists selected and created by a competitor (even if placed on the shuffle setting) are likely to violate the spirit of the rule, if not its letter.  In order to meet the compromise of allowing the use of music, in accordance with USGA Rules, but in consideration of Members concerned about the infringement on the enjoyment of their experience, please adhere the following rules and standards.

22.2. In some specific Club Tournaments, the Tournament Committee may determine that no music is to be allowed on the course.  This information shall be provided to all participants prior to the start of play for that Tournament.  It is the sole responsibility of the Participant(s) to know if this local rule is applicable for a specific Tournament.  Violation of this rule may result in disqualification from that event.

22.3. In all other Tournaments, or in play in the Men’s weekend group, when the use of music is not prohibited, players may play music subject to the following:

22.3.1. The music source may not be a personally selected playlist but must be from an independent third- party streaming source like Spotify, I-Heart Music or Pandora.

22.3.2. Participants must adhere to the guidelines found in parts 1.3.a-d below.

22.4. In all other settings Members may play music (from any source) subject to the following guidelines.

22.4.1.Prior to commencement of play, a Member must indicate to all playing partners in his/her group that they wish to play music and obtain permission from all members of that group.  Please be considerate to those Members that have yet to accept music on the course.

22.4.2. Speaker(s) shall be kept inside of or affixed to an electric cart or for an individual walking; affixed to their bag or pushcart.

22.4.3. Volume must be set so that the music is only audible within fifteen (15) feet of the speaker.

22.4.4. Players using music shall make every effort to ensure that such music cannot be heard by other groups and any volume must be temporarily muted at the request of any other playing group within thirty (30) yards of the music source.

23. Operation of Golf Carts

23.1. No person shall use the Club’s golf carts without prior assignment by and registration in the golf shop.

23.2. Each operator of a golf cart must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid automobile driver’s license.

23.3. Golf carts provided by ONGC are not to be used off the golf course except by such Club personnel as ONGC or its designee may authorize.

23.4. No more than two golfers are permitted per golf cart. Four bags are allowed when a four bag carrier has been rented.

23.5. Golf cart operators shall observe all pavement markings, traffic signs, and other basic rules set daily by ONGC and golf staff.

23.6. Each golf cart operator must adhere to current golf cart traffic rules and signs as determined and posted by ONGC or its designee. Golf cart traffic rules and signs are subject to change due to golf course conditions. It is the responsibility of every golfer to be aware of that days’ specific cart rules.

23.7. Each person riding in a golf cart provided by ONGC will be charged the prevailing golf cart rental fee.

23.8. Golf carts shall be driven on the golf course only during the day when the course is open for play. Golf cart traffic on the golf course is restricted to 9-hole and 18- hole rounds of play.

23.9. Regardless of posted daily cart rules, carts should avoid all areas designated as “under repair”, areas of rough (except at 90 degrees to access fairway) and any areas with standing water or excessively wetness. Golf carts are not permitted on any tee area. Parking of golf carts is allowed in designated areas only.

23.10. Golf carts shall be driven in a safe manner. Where possible, do not follow other cart tracks and avoid soft spots in the turf.

23.11. Violation of the rules for golf carts set forth in this Section may result in the revocation of golf cart privileges and playing privileges, in addition to such other sanctions as are authorized under the Membership Policies.

23.12. Operation of a golf cart is at the risk of the operator. Cost of repair to a golf cart which is damaged by a Member or authorized user shall be charged to the Member or designee’s Club account or in the case of damage by a guest, to the sponsoring Member or designee’s account.

23.13. All persons using golf carts on the ONGC premises shall sign a release of liability which holds ONGC, its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents, harmless as a result of any loss or damage relating to the operation of the golf cart.

24. Walking the Golf Course

24.1. Players may be permitted to walk the golf course during play only at such times as the golf professional may determine that walking will not compromise the pace of play, and then only in strict compliance with such rules as the golf professional may establish.

24.2.  All players walking the golf course must keep up with the pace of play so as not to delay players behind them. 

24.3. Caddies are not permitted on course except when authorized by Director of Golf or designee.

24.4. Recreational walking on the golf course by persons who are not playing golf is not permitted at any time, whether or not in the company of players.