To: Ould Newbury Golf Members,

I have been asked by the Board of Governor’s to assume the role of Handicap Chairman for Ould Newbury Golf Club. I am excited to fill this position and look forward to working with the membership.

To begin, I would like to remind all members of the importance of posting scores for rounds played. Not posting scores (both low and high scores) is detrimental to the integrity and fairness of the tournaments and leagues at Ould Newbury. Please be considerate to your fellow Ould Newbury members and post all your scores.

All scores should be posted. A 9 hole score must be posted if 7 to 12 holes are played. An 18 hole score must be posted if 13 or more holes are played. This includes match play scores. Each member is responsible for posting their own scores, using the Equitable Stroke Control rules which dictate the maximum allowed score based on your current handicap. In match play, there are rules for holes not played or conceded.

Attached are the 8 simple golf handicap rules and procedures, which explain how to post scores under a variety of circumstances. An equitable stroke chart is also included. An oversized, laminated copy of these rules is posted in the clubhouse. After posting your weekend scores, all scorecards must be turned into the Pro Shop. This will allow us to check that scores are posted.

Should you have any questions regarding the handicap system, please feel free to contact me at . Please contact me with any concerns that you may have.

Thank you,
Ron Miller
Handicap Chairman
Ould Newbury Golf Club