Ould Newbury offers a very strong women's golf program. All women are invited to join the Ould Newbury Ladies' League and participate in weekly playing leagues, annual tournaments, Women's Golf Association Massachusetts events (such as Spring and Fall Cups), North Shore League, and our much enjoyed Mystery Trips.

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Ladies Solheim Cup (2020)

For a formal weekly league, ONGC Ladies' League offers the Monday night Ladybug League. Ladybug League is composed of teams of 4 women (A-B-C-D handicaps) playing against each other in fourball format.

In addition, the Tuesday morning league invites all to pariticpate in the weekly play, the format of which changes every week. This league is also open to non-members for a small nominal fee plus greens fees.

Throughout the year, the women also participate in the organized club tournaments, such as Club Championship, President's Cup and Ladies Fourball.

In addition, there are several fun tournaments, the most popular being the 3 Kings and a Queen Bramble.

Ould Newbury has a long history of women's golf and the Ladies' League is always happy to welcome new members into its ranks.

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